Andrew Jon Jeppson : Traveling to Mongolia

Andrew Jon Jeppson bigger task was figuring out how the heck to prepare for a trip to Mongolia. I had to pack for the daytime heat and the nighttime cold of the Gobi Desert, one challenge of traveling to Mongolia. I didn’t have a lot of room in my suitcase but had to accommodate wardrobe for camel rides and sand dune climbs, temple visits, and dinners out in the city. Then there were the sundry items: camping and camera equipment, first aid items and back-up food – because Mongolian food is meat-heavy and after awhile the sour taste of vinegar and yak milk piques your taste buds.

My time in the somewhat harsh landscape of this vast country was spent with several days in Ulaanbaatar, an incongruent metropolis settled in the middle of rolling hills. The city was a mixture of ancient temples, blocky soviet housing and an infrastructure that appeared to be crumbling before the concrete sidewalks had cured. There was also a few nice restaurants, an upscale shopping mall and an Irish pub. I’ve yet to visit a country too remote to have an Irish pub, a fascinating phenomenon unto itself.

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Andrew Jon Jeppson : Santorini is one of beautiful Island

Andrew Jon Jeppson said that Santorini is one of the beautiful Island in my travel list. It is a beautiful island the time I have spent on Santorini island, I never forgot those beautiful moments. This world is full of with a lot of beautiful places and adventurous places, but some places are direct loved by us. Santorini island is also one of those places. This is a beautiful island.

This beautiful island is the main point of attraction for photographers because there are so many beautiful views, which everyone want to capture in their camera. Santorini Island is very famous for sunsets. It looks just like a heaven WoW! I remember when I see the sunset in Santorini I also feel that I am not on the earth I am in heaven really it was a very precious moments of my life.

I have captured some beautiful pictures that I want share in this post. Have a look at these Picture.

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Best Holiday Destinations for Young Couple By Andrew Jon Jeppson

Traveling makes any young couple more exciting, because they can go anywhere according to their choices. Every Young couple wants freedom and fun. traveling is the best option for a huge amount of fun. Most famous traveler Andrew Jon Jeppson shares best places for young couple where they can enjoy a lot.

Barbados : Barbados is a beautiful eastern Caribbean island

Rome : Rome always remains best place for couple

Cape Verde : Cape Verde is situated in the northwest coast of Africa. It is a traditional place where you can learn about African Culture.

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Top 3 Places to Travel Alone in 2017 : Andrew Jon Jeppson

Are you looking for the best places to travel alone. Andrew Jon Jeppson shares top 3 beautiful places for traveling in 2017. Andrew Jon Jeppson Said Mostly he like travel alone when he upset or under stress. Alone traveling a quick remedy for stress. These places are the best destinations for solo travelers. Some people feel nervous when he tries to make a trip solo, No need to worry solo traveling is best all time. It gives you freedom and you can spend your holiday, according to your planning, nobody can interfere. Traveling solo has its own adventures. Here I am sharing the top 3 places which are my favorite places which are my favorite destinations for traveling alone.

1. Bhutan : Bhutan is my one of the best destination I like this destination so much. It is the cultural countries in the world. There are so many beautiful locations to visit in Bhutan. You can also book the best accommodation according to your budget. There is no problem to visit alone because there are tourist guide option is available. You can book a tourist guide and he will teach you about the country and its famous places.

2. Thailand : Thailand is a beautiful Southeast Asian country which is famous for its beautiful beaches and temples. Choose Thailand to visit alone because it is known for its best hospitality service.

3. Bali : Bali is a beautiful island in Indonesia. The beauty of Bali I can’t explain in words. It’s just like a heaven on the earth. Bali is my all time favorite place to visit alone. The beautiful view of the mountains and the sound of waterfalls gives you peace. Best places to visit in Bali are: Kuta, Sanur, Uluwatu and Nusa Dua

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